Chapter 11. Safety, Ground Operations, & Servicing

Using Fire Extinguishers

When using a fire extinguisher, make sure you have the correct type for the fire. Most extinguishers have a pin to pull that will allow the handle to activate the agent. Stand back 8 feet and aim at the base of the fire or flames. Squeeze the lever and sweep side to side until the fire is extinguished.

Tiedown Procedures

Preparation of Aircraft

Aircraft should be tied down after each flight to prevent damage from sudden storms. The direction in which aircraft are to be parked and tied down is determined by prevailing or forecast wind direction.

Aircraft should be headed as nearly as possible into the wind, depending on the locations of the parking area’s fixed tiedown points. Spacing of tiedowns should allow for ample wingtip clearance. [Figure 11-9] After the aircraft is properly located, lock the nosewheel or the tailwheel in the fore-and-aft position.

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