Aircraft Banner Tow Operations Manual


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 Aircraft Banner Tow Operations Manual




This publication is presented as an information guide for aircraft banner tow operations, to promote safe operations through careful preparation and planning. For preparation and planning, administrative concerns are also addressed.

FAA investigations of aerial advertising/banner towing accidents have revealed that the majority of the accidents are associated with one or more of the following circumstances: the banner pickup maneuver, entangled or snarled banner towlines, or loss of engine power. An analysis of banner tow accidents has revealed the following information:


Of the accidents caused by engine failure resulting in an off airport landing, the accidents could have easily occurred offshore. In one ditching accident, the pilot was saved by the timely appearance of a person on a personal watercraft.

This person prevented the incapacitated pilot from drowning. The pilot did not have any flotation device. Pilots of banner tow aircraft operated over water should have the capability to save themselves in the first critical minutes of a ditching accident. FAA-approved flotation devices should be readily available.
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