CHAPTER 8—Emergency Open Sea Operations

Operations in Open Seas 8-1
Definitions 8-1
Sea State Evaluation 8-1
Swell System Evaluation 8-3
High Reconnaissance 8-3
Low Reconnaissance 8-3
Select Landing Heading 8-3
Select Touchdown Area 8-4
Landing Parallel to the Swell 8-4
Landing Perpendicular to the Swell 8-4
Landing with More Than One Swell System 8-4
Effect of Chop 8-5
Night Operations 8-5
Sea Evaluation at Night 8-6
Night Emergency Landing 8-6
Landing by Parachute Flare 8-6
Landing by Markers 8-6
Emergency Landing Under Instrument Conditions 8-7
Escaping a Submerged Seaplane 8-8
Orientation 8-8
Water Pressure 8-8
Flotation Equipment 8-8
Normal and Unusual Exits 8-8

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