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Legal Matters Case Studies  

Below you will find a number of cases from DUI to falsifications. These cases will give you a sense on how cases are prosecuted what type of cases comes before the FAA and NTSB. If you would like to add to this section please let us know. We will continue to add cases to this section.


Click Date  General Information About Cases Name
4558 6/19/97 third class medical certificate, denial of; previous certificate denied because of same medical condition; res judicata  Peterson, Roger A. 
4559 6/17/97 appeal, dismissal of brief, failure to file  Leone, Michele 
4560 6/17/97 appeal, dismissal of brief, failure to file  Zachary, Francis C. 
4561 6/17/97 modification of reference in footnote to correct statutory citation Gotisar, Arthur Christian 
4562 6/24/97 appeal, withdrawal of appeal, dismissal of  Tucker, John Patrick 
4563 6/24/97 appeal, withdrawal of appeal, dismissal of Chidester, Kenneth 
4564 6/27/97 mechanic certificate; intentional falsification; maintenance logbook; airworthiness directives, compliance with; credibility; intent to deceive  Anderson, Wayne Dillon 
4565 6/27/97 ATP; flight instructor; intentional falsification of ratings applications for others; credibility; designated pilot examiner; intent to falsify, lack of; documentary versus testimonial evidence, relative weight to  Crocker, Grover C. 
4567 7/7/97 mechanic certificates; SaberTech; intentional falsification of engine maintenance records; mechanics allegedly performing work not capable of being performed by them; sign-off by inspector for work not performed; incomplete work; work not in accordance with procedures or manual; stale complaint; US airworthiness certificate, requirement for proof of when challenged; credibility; materiality of false statement  Hinesly, Jimmy D.; Gallucci, Gerard J.; Alvaro, Carmen J.; Nunes, James W.; 
4571 7/11/97 air carrier operating certificate; civil penalty; sanction modification by ALJ; maintenance deficiencies by carrier; use of maintenance director's errors to show carrier's lack of adequate program; test is did carrier know or should have known.   Rasmark Jet Charter, Inc. 
4572 7/18/97 CP; FI; GI; aircraft operations without current medical certificate; discovery; ALJ order disallowing evidence not presented during discovery; no offer of proof made; predisposition to violate rules; exercising flight privileges that have been taken away.  Scott, Adrian Jon 
4573 7/18/97 stay, denial of because order was effective when stay request was received  Cimmarusti, Stephen G. 
4575 7/25/97 A & P mechanic; part 121; failed to log maintenance; seriousness of underlying equipment problem does not affect duty to log work mechanic does  Anderson, James C. 
4576 7/25/97 Appeal, dismissal of; appeal, withdrawal of  Broadbent, Russell M. 
4577 8/15/97 summary judgment; counsel’s late filing and confusion do not excuse failure to answer emergency order; emergency time limits  Heidenreich, Patrick 
4578 8/8/97 waived emergency; intentional falsification on medical application admitted  Fleming, Steven P. 
4579 8/6/97 substitution of Jane F. Garvey as Administrator   
4580 8/29/97 felony drug conviction; propriety of revocation as sanction; cocaine in aircraft  Daniel, Richard 
4581 8/29/97 motor vehicle action, definition of; deference to FAA’s interpretation of its rule; NTSB lack of jurisdiction over reasonableness or constitutionality of FAA rules  Kraley, Robert R. 
4582 9/5/97 airworthiness; tail strike; failed to document work in log; credibility; logbook entries, time in which must be made; crew’s obligation to log; "reasonable" time to make entries  Rigg, Peter D.; Sossaman, John E.; 
4583 9/12/97 flight for conpensation; skydiving flight  Rawlins, Robert R. 
4584 8/27/97 appeal, dismissal of; brief, failure timely to file  Friend, Joseph J. 
4585 8/28/97 appeal, dismissal of; appeal, failure timely to file  Hoffman, Dalton C.

Acute Care Transport

4586 9/12/97 appeal, dismissal of for lack of proper party status; intervenor may not appeal; standing to appeal, lack of   Zeus Enterprise, Inc
4587 8/28/97 appeal, dismissal of; appeal, withdrawal of  Cepress, James A. 
4588 9/5/97 petition for reconsideration, denial of; stale complaint rule, good cause delay in prosecution exception and public interest exception  Gotisar, Arthur Christian 
4589 9/12/97 IA; airworthiness; qualification of expert witness; weight of expert evidence  Brown, Gary D. 
4590 9/10/97 felony drug conviction; marijuana; summary judgment; stale complaint rule  Hale, Marc Donald 
4591 9/18/97 tree strike; carelessness; recklessness; NOTAM;  Larson, Alan G. 
4592 9/24/97 felony drug conviction; summary judgment; constitutional issue; double jeopardy; due process; equal protection; selective prosecution  McCullough, Perry A. 
4593 9/19/97 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Larivee, Sean M. 
4595 9/19/97 ATP; clearance deviation; fuel mismanagement; inadequate fuel; fuel reserve required, evidence to prove; failed checkrides; later successful proficiency checks do not outweigh lack of care and judgment; credibility; ALJ discretion in admission of evidence or in discovery; turning off transponder to elude detection of altitude deviations  Eden, Chris 
4596 9/26/97    
4597 10/1/97 use of fuel and oil drums in cargo to replenish aircraft in flight; credibility; alteration of aircraft, definition of; temporary storage of lines is not an alteration; independent carelessness charge argued on appeal not upheld because not argued in complaint or before ALJ  Livingston, Larry D. 
4598 10/7/97 stay, grant of  Gotisar, Arthur Christian 
4600 10/8/97 motion to dismiss; summary judgment ; prima facie case; mechanic certificate; testimony that "loose" emergency door handle in Cessna is not sufficient proof that aircraft was unairworthy; dissent  Buckel, Paul 
4601 10/30/97 appeals, withdrawal of; appeals, dismissal of  Stewart, Allen F. 
4602 10/30/97 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Clayton, Miles H. 
4603 11/12/97 airworthiness; carelessness; preflight, cockpit check procedures; MEL; Part 121; ATP; take off with illuminated door warning light; E/E door; relevance of operating manual to conducting preflight check; inadequate preflight; unreasonable reliance on another to check door  Cox, Michael; Behnken, James; 
4604 11/21/97 CP Act; hearing limited to sanction; deference to FAA; sanction guidance table indicates 15-30 days; post hoc justification by counsel not convincing  Karns, Richard D. 
4605 11/14/97 stale complaint rule; summary judgment ; conspiracy to distribute cocaine; double jeopardy; ex post facto  Sardina, Jose Antonio 
4606 11/19/97 Hawaii sightseeing tour; low flight; respondent seeks civil penalty  Phelps, Joseph P. 
4607 11/21/97 Part 121; ATP; deference due FAA; CP Act; sanction sought was inconsistent with sanction guidance table and no explanation for sanction choice offered  Peacon, Robert C. 
4608 11/26/97 EAJA; substantial justification; reasonableness of assuming the reliability of DEA records; reliance on circumstantial evidence of intentional falsification; actions of respondent’s counsel not so egregious to deny award  Stewart, Theodore J. 
4609 12/12/97 preflight preparation; fuel exhaustion; fuel mismanagement; due process; practice and procedure; propriety of ALJ receiving ASRP receipt in evidence; definition of "in the vicinity of an airport"; carelessness finding does not require proof of actual or potential endangerment  Money, James D. 
4610 12/12/97 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Neale, Andrew 
4611 12/12/97 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Hubbard, Erin S. 
4612 1/21/98 EAJA; on remand from Ninth Circuit; discussion of differences between agency EAJA jurisdiction and court EAJA jurisdiction; fee caps; bad faith of government; reasonable market rate determined to be rate charged ($150) rather than $300; hours reduced; billing for stricken briefs disallowed  Mendenhall, Bonnie Lee 
4613 1/9/98 Part 121; jet blast; debris damage to parked cars not foreseeable; dissent  Sloan, Peter L. 
4614 1/21/98 EAJA; substantial justification; propriety of sought sanction  Briggs, Robert M. 
4615 1/14/98 reconsideration, denial of; res judicata  McCullough, Perry A. 
4616 1/22/98 authorization to operate as pilot in command; new evidence; Part 135  Stein, Hadi 
4617 1/23/98 EAJA; substantial justification; calculation of effect on award when sanction substantially reduced; ALJ calculation based on percentage of violations sustained is affirmed, although weak  Allen, Lee H. 
4618 1/14/98 appeal, dismissal of; brief, failure to file  Kretzer, Carl S. 
4619 1/23/98 mechanic certificate; A+P; weight of evidence; record keeping; maintenance; inadequate inspections; IA  Baer, Wayne H. 
4620 1/20/98 medical certificate; notice of appeal, late filing of; appeal, dismissal of  Foreman, Carl 
4621 2/5/98 Part 121; pilot’s son on flight deck; admission to flight deck; credibility; deference to FAA; sanction guidance table; CP Act  Murphy, Richard L. 
4622 2/17/98 parachute jump; visibility; clouds; stale complaint rule; weight of evidence; exclusion of exhibits; ALJ discretion; duty of pilots in jump decision  Smith, Christopher 
4623 3/5/98 petition for reconsideration, denial of; sanction, waiver of; motion to strike, denial of; deference to FAA; sanction guidance table is written agency policy guidance; litigating positions not necessarily validly adopted interpretation  Gartner, Carlos Ernesto 
4624 3/12/98 pro se; summary judgment; intentional falsification; issue of knowledge of falsity requires evidence and opportunity for respondent to persuade trier of fact where he denies allegation  Niehans, Brett Gene 
4625 2/6/98 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Eubank, Terry W. 
4626 2/6/98 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Portier, Denis A. 
4627 2/6/98 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Johnson, Deborah; Garcia, Emilio M.; Bendorf, Charles; 
4628 2/6/98 appeals, withdrawal of; appeals, dismissal of; EAJA  Boschoff, Edwin R. 
4629 2/6/98 appeal, withdrawal of; appeal, dismissal of  Bradford, Frederick M. 
4630 2/10/98 appeal, dismissal of; notice of appeal, late filing  Plunk, Gerald F. 
4631 2/17/98 parachute jump; visibility; clouds; duty of pilot in jump decision; deference due FAA for validly adopted interpretations of regulations  Foss, James Kelly 
4632 2/24/98 no clearance; operation contrary to ATC instruction; confusion from ATC non-standard language; failure to read back clearance  Salten, Howard 
4633 2/11/98 sanction waiver, standards for; inadvertence, discussion of  Meacham, Robert M. 
4634 2/18/98 logbook endorsements; flight instructor limitations; logbook certifications; recordkeeping  Couillard, Bruce R. 
4635 2/26/98 pro se; summary judgment; drug cocaine conviction; relationship of FAA statute to Anti-drug Abuse Act’s provisions protecting Federal benefits to protected witnesses  Ortiz, David 
4636 2/19/98 motion to dismiss based on late appeal; due date for emergency appeal; waiver irrelevant if after due date; no good cause  Lowe, Jon M. 
4637 2/23/98 reconsideration, denial of  Larson, Alan G 
4638 2/20/98 hot air balloon; airworthiness; hole in basket; informal conference; due process; practice and procedure; FAA authority to suspend licenses; deference to FAA sanction; sanction guidance table; credibility; willful disregard of safety; dissent  Windwalker, David 
4639 3/3/98 low flight; helicopter; aerobatics; minimum safe altitude; credibility; due process; practice and procedure; access to witnesses in advance of hearing  Lebron, Arturo Jr. 
4640 3/2/98 due process; practice and procedure; discovery time; credibility; hearsay  Aarvik, Thomas 
4641 2/20/98 stay, grant of.  Murphy, Richard L. 
4642 3/16/98 medical certificate, qualifications for; NTSB jurisdiction; motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction; Federal Air Surgeon’s failure to act on application as de facto final denial by Administrator; show cause order; personality disorder  Propst, Elmer Allen 
4643 3/17/98 unairworthy aircraft; airworthiness; inadequate repairs; flying of unairworthy aircraft without ferry permit; standard of care when both mechanic and PIC  Alphin, Thurman S. 
4644 3/18/98 parachute jump in path of another aircraft; credibility of directly conflicting testimony  Woermann, Peter S. 
4645 3/16/98 reconsideration, denial of; Errata; deference to FAA, discussion of FAA evidentiary obligations to invoke  Kimsey, Charles Neil 
4646 3/13/98 EAJA appeals, dismissal of; EAJA appeals, withdrawal of  Broadbent, Russell M. 
4647 3/26/98 Part 135 requirement for compensation; flight for owner and nonpaying guests to Sugar Bowl; pilot unqualified; credibility; weight of evidence  Hamilton, Jay M. 
4648 3/27/98 propeller repair station certificate; stale complaint; intentional falsification; operating aircraft while certificate suspended; lack of qualification; installation of improper parts; credibility   Thunderbird Propellers, Inc. 
4649 4/3/98 appeal, dismissal of; brief, failure to file  Macuen, George L. 
4650 4/24/98 Part 135 flight; passenger carrying; unairworthy; airworthiness; right seat not upright and door popping open; credibility  Somers, Robert J. 
4651 4/15/98 reconsideration; denial of; respondent’s failure to appeal removes any right to challenge decision on appeal via a petition for reconsideration  Peacon, Robert C. 
4652 4/16/98 EAJA; reconsideration, denial of  Stewart, Theodore J. 
4653 4/30/98 takeoff in below IFR minimums; passenger carrying Part 121 flight; reasonable reliance on station agent for weather info; use of official weather info  Schneider,Jim W. 
4654 4/28/98 conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine; felony drug conviction; propriety of sanction; ex post facto laws  Serrato, Rafael 
4655 4/17/98 appeal, dismissal of; brief, failure timely to file without good cause  Miller, Leonard P. 
4695 8/31/98 stale complaint rule; DUI; DWI; alcohol; failure to report driving conviction; motion for summary judgment; FAA prosecution within reasonable time from discovery  Ikeler, Ronnie Dee 
4656 4/29/98 balloon flight; low flight in congested area; collision hazard; deliberateness as disqualification for ASRP/ ASRS waiver; dismissal of one low altitude charge; interpretation of power unit failure in balloon case; emergency defense rejected  Blose, Gerald Thompson 
4667 6/12/98 rejection of supplemental brief; practice and procedure; take off into icing conditions; cargo Part 135; AIRMET; SIGMET; weather  Watkins, Christopher Lacy 
4669 6/16/98 passenger carrying Part 135 flight; altitude deviation; intentionally turned off transponder; potntial endangerment; carelessness as residual; ASRP refused due to intentional act  Wilbur, Richard Ray 
4678 6/29/98 refusal to submit to alcohol test; reasonable suspicion alcohol test; stale complaint rule; modification of complaint 5 days before hearing; due process and procedure; ALJ discretion to allow complaint amendment  Pittman III, Chester A. 
4679 7/2/98 passenger-carrying flights for compensation when pilot not qualified and aicraft not certificated; Part 135 vs. demonstration flights to sell shares in aircraft; credibility; carelessness as residual with no need for proof of unsafe operation; sanction deference; precedent review; seperate concurrence from Francis, Hammerschmidt, Goglia  Tsosie, Fred Mead 
4685 8/14/98 pro se; minimum safe altitude; low flights; independent vs. residual carelessness (dicta)  Abou-Sakher, Rock 
4688 8/14/98 transportation of marijuana aboard aircraft for distribution; credibility; no criminal conviction cited or necessary when respondent admits statutory prerequisite Gunder, Dennis J. 
4695 8/31/98 stale complaint rule; DUI; DWI; alcohol; failure to report driving conviction; motion for summary judgment; FAA prosecution within reasonable time from discovery  Ikeler, Ronnie Dee 
4696 9/11/98 fuel exhaustion; forced landing; preflight preparation; fuel requirements for IFR  Knapp, Gary L. 
4711 10/21/98 passenger carrying flight; lack of required rating and biennial flight review; gear up landing; deference on sanction  Marcussen, Alfred J. 
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