The following acronyms are listed to assist the reader referencing technical documents relating to Global Positioning Systems (GPS). This list does not claim to be all inclusive, but it will assist interested readers in understanding the extensive amount of literature being written concerning this relatively new navigation concept.

2-D Two Dimensional

2DRMS 2 Distance Root Mean Square

3-D Three Dimensional

A-S Anti Spoof

AEEC Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee

AFSPACECOM Air Force Space Command

AOC Auxiliary Output Chip

AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

ATA Air Transport Association

AVCS Attitude and Velocity Control Subsystem

BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying

C/A-CODE Course Acquisition Code

CCMDR Crew Commander

CDU Control/Display unit

CEP Circular Error Probable

CONUS Conteriminous United States

CPCI Computer Program Configuration Item

DGIC Differential GPS Integrity Channel

DGPS Differential GPS

DOD Department of Defense

DOP Dilution of Precision

ECEF Earth Centered, Earth Fixed

EPS Electric Power System

f Frequency

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAATC FAA Technical Center - Atlantic City, New Jersey

FANS Future Air Navigation System

FCMDR Flight Commander

FOC Full Operational Capacity

FRP Federal Radionavigation Plan

GA Ground Antenna

GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision

GIB GPS Integrity Broadcast

GIC GPS Integrity Channel

GLOSNASS Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian System)

GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System

GPS Global Positioning System

GSO Ground Systems Officer

HDOP Horizontal Dilution of Precision

HOW Handover Word

Hr Hour

Hz Hertz


ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

ICD Interface Control Document

ILS Instrument Landing System

INS Inertial Navigation System

LBS L Band System

LDGPS Local area Differential GPS

LOP Line of Position

m Meter(s)

m/s Meters/Second

MCS Master Control Station

MHz Megahertz

MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standards

Ms Monitor Station

NAS National Airspace System

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NDS Nuclear Detection Subsystem

NPD Navigation Payload Subsystem

OASD/C31 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Communications, Command, Control and Intelligence)

OIS Orbital Insertion System

P-CODE Precise Code

PCS Prelaunch Checkout Station

PDOP Position Dilution of Precision

POC Point of Contact

PPS Precise Positioning Service

PPS-SM Precise Positioning Service Security Module

PR Pseudo Range

PRN Pseudo Random Noise

RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring

RCS Reaction Control System

RMS Root Mean Square

RNP Required Navigation Performance

RSS Root Sum Square

SA Selective Availability

SAO Satellite Analysis Office

sec Second(s)

SEO Satellite Engineering Office

SEP Spherical Error Probability

SF Sub Frame

SOIT Satellite Operational Implementation Team

SOO Satellite Operations Officer

SPS Standard Positioning Service

SS Support Structure

SV Space Vehicle

TCS Thermal Control Subsystem

TDOP Time Dilution of Precision


TERPS U.S. Standard for Instrument Procedures (FAA Order 8260.3B)

TLM Telemetry Word

TOA Time of Arrival

TSO Technical Standard Order

TT&C Telemetry, Tracking and Command Subsystem

UERE User Equivalent Range Error

UTC Coordinated Universal Time

VDOP Vertical Dilution of Precision

VLF Very Low Frequency

VOR/DME Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range/Distance Measuring Equipment

WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System

WADGPS Wide Area Differential GPS (NOTE: Some references use WDGPS in lieu of WADGPS.)

Wx Weather