Sea Plane Section SUMMARY


The best time to know emergency procedures and the worst time to learn them is an actual emergency. Noninflatable, USCG-approved PFDs are usually impractical for most seaplanes and other aircraft because they may prevent people from exiting through doors or windows. The best protection is afforded when wearing inflatable life preservers. When wearing inflatable life preservers, pilots and passengers should always wait until clear of the seaplane before inflating. Finally, the best safety devices are useless without the proper preflight briefings and safety demonstrations.



NOTE: This "checklist" is a guideline for pilots to use in conducting an oral preflight briefing of passengers. This list should not be used as a substitute for the briefing itself.

1. Smoking considerations: Where, when, and under what conditions

2. Seatbelts/Shoulder harnesses: How to fasten, tighten, and unfasten; how to stow the loose end of the belt

3. Seats: Operation forward and rearward; seatbacks upright for takeoff and landing

4. Exits: Location and operation (by demonstration) of each normal and, if applicable, emergency exit

5. Carry-on items: Stowed properly and left on board during evacuation

6. Situational awareness: Establish a frame of reference for left and right in relation to the aircraft exits; remind left and right are the same whether right side up or upside down

7. Flotation gear:

Cushions: Type, location, use, and demonstration of use

Personal flotation device: Type, location, use, donning, and simulated demonstration of inflation

8. Fire extinguishers: Location and how to operate

9. Survival equipment: Location and how to retrieve

10. ELT: Location and how to turn on

11. Flares: Location and use

12. Brace position: Demonstration

13. Propeller cautions: No assistance in docking/launching by passengers unless requested by pilot; if passenger assistance is required, specific instructions on duties, placement, and caution about propellers

14. Passengers needing assistance: Briefed individually on all above topics including who will be assisting the passenger to exit; if passenger is accompanied by an attendant, brief both
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