10-5-1 Section 5. Miscellaneous Operations

10-5-1 Navy Fleet Support Missions

 When you receive information concerning an emergency to a U.S. Navy "Special Flight Number" aircraft, do the following:
 a. Handle Navy Fleet Support Mission aircraft as follows:
  1. EN ROUTE: Relay immediately, via collect telephone call, all pertinent information to Fleet Operations Control at Norfolk, Virginia, telephone 804-444-6602.
  2. TERMINAL: Inform the nearest center of all the pertinent information.
 b. Relay the words "Special Flight Number" followed by the number given as part of the routine IFR flight information.
 c. Honor pilot requests for changes to route, altitude, and destination whenever possible.

10-5-2 Explosive Cargo

 When you receive information that an emergency landing will be made with explosive cargo aboard, inform the pilot of the safest or least congested airport areas. Relay the explosive cargo information to:
 a. The emergency equipment crew.
 b. The airport management.
 c. The appropriate military agencies when requested by the pilot.