5-16-1 Section 16. TPX-42 - Terminal

5-16-1 Application

 Each TPX-42 facility shall utilize the equipment to the maximum extent possible consistent with local operating conditions.

5-16-2 Responsibility

 This equipment does not relieve the controller of the responsibility to ensure proper identification, maintenance of identity, handoff of the correct radar beacon target associated with numeric data, and the separation of aircraft.

5-16-3 Functional Use

 TPX-42 may be used for the following functions:
 a. Tagging.
 b. Altitude information.

FAAO 7110.65, Altitude Filters, paragraph 5-2-24.

 c. Coordination.
 d. Target identity confirmation.

5-16-4 System Requirements

 Use the TPX-42 system as follows:
 a. TPX-42 facilities shall inform adjacent facilities of scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns.
 b. To the maximum extent practicable, tags should be utilized for all controlled aircraft.

5-16-5 Information Displayed

 a. Inhibiting portions of the tag shall be in accordance with facility directives, which shall ensure maximum required use of the equipment.
 b. Mode C altitude information shall not be inhibited unless a ground malfunction causes repeated discrepancies of 300 feet or more between the automatic altitude readouts and pilot reported altitudes.

5-16-6 Inhibiting Low Altitude Alert System (LAAS)

 Assign a beacon code to a VFR aircraft or to an aircraft that has canceled its IFR flight plan to inhibit LAAS processing unless the aircraft has specifically requested LAAS.