8-1-1 Chapter 8. Offshore/Oceanic Procedures
Section 1. General

8-1-1 ATC Service

 Provide air traffic control service in oceanic controlled airspace in accordance with the procedures in this chapter except when other procedures/minima are prescribed in a directive or a letter of agreement.

FAAO 7110.65, Procedural Letters of Agreement, paragraph 1-1-8.

8-1-2 Operations in Offshore Airspace Areas

 Provide air traffic control service in offshore airspace areas in accordance with procedures and minima in this chapter. For those situations not covered by this chapter, the provisions in this Order shall apply.

8-1-3 VFR Flight Plans

 VFR flights in Oceanic FIRs may be conducted in meteorological conditions equal to or greater than those specified in FAR 91.155, Basic VFR weather minimums. Operations on a VFR flight plan are permitted only between sunrise and sunset and only within:

  a. Miami, Houston, and San Juan Oceanic Control Areas (CTAs) at or below FL 180.
  b. Within the Oakland FIR when operating less than 100 NM seaward from the shoreline within controlled airspace.
  c. All Oceanic FIR airspace below the Oceanic CTAs.

8-1-4 Types of Separation
Separation shall consist of at least one of the following:
 a. Vertical separation;
 b. Horizontal separation, either;
  1. Longitudinal; or
  2. Lateral;
 c. Composite separation;
 d. Radar separation, as specified in Chapter 5, where radar coverage is adequate.

8-1-5 Altimeter Setting

 Within oceanic control areas, unless directed and/or charted otherwise, altitude assignment shall be based on flight levels and a standard altimeter setting of 29.92 inches Hg.

8-1-6 Receipt of Position Reports

 When direct pilot controller communication is not available and a position report affecting separation is not received, take action to obtain the report no later than 10 minutes after the control estimate.

8-1-7 Oceanic Navigational Error Reporting (ONER) Procedures

 FAAO 7110.82 contains procedures for reporting and processing navigational errors observed by ATC radar for aircraft exiting oceanic airspace.