CHAPTER 3. Navigation

Common Error: Setting the Wrong Inbound Course During a Course Intercept

One common error made during course intercepts is to select the wrong course to the active waypoint. Some FMSs automatically set the course indicator (“slew” the needle) to the inbound course. Where this capability does not exist, pilots occasionally select the heading that they have been assigned to fly to intercept the course instead of the inbound course. The outcome of this error is illustrated in Figure 3-41.

Common Error: Setting the Wrong Active Waypoint During a Course Intercept

Another common error is failing to realize that ATC has instructed you to intercept a course to a different waypoint. Figure 3-42 shows the outcome when the pilot neglects to set TRACY as the active waypoint in the previous example. The FMS offers guidance along the correct course, but to the wrong waypoint.

Catching Errors: A Helpful Callout Procedure for Course Intercepts

The following is a useful technique for avoiding two errors commonly made during course intercept maneuvers. Ask yourself the following two questions when working your way through any course intercept maneuver:

Question #1: Where am I going?

Point to the active waypoint on the navigation page and make sure it shows the waypoint that you wish to fly toward.

Question #2: How am I getting there?

Point out the desired track to the active waypoint on the navigation page. If it is not the one you want, engage the nonsequencing mode and select the course you want.

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