CHAPTER 3. Navigation

Making Entries in the FMS

To enter data, you use the FMS buttons (keyboard or individual) and knob controls, or a data source, such as disk media or keypad, as shown in Figure 3-4.

FMS units that do not feature keypads typically require the pilot to make entries using the same knobs to move among chapters and pages. In this case, the knobs have multiple purposes and, thus, have different modes of operation. To use the knobs for data entry, you must first activate what some manufacturers call the “cursor” (or “data entry”) mode. Activating the cursor mode allows you to enter data by turning the knob. In other units, after activating the data entry mode, entries are made by pushing buttons.

Figure 3-5 illustrates the use of cursor mode to enter the name of an airport using one FMS. Pressing the inner knob engages cursor mode. A flashing cursor appears over one of the items on the page, indicating that it is ready for editing. Then, the inner knob is used to dial letters and numbers; the outer knob is used to move the flashing cursor between items on the page.

Integrated Avionics Systems

Some systems integrate FMS/RNAV display and controls into existing cockpit displays usually called PFDs and MFDs. In this case, there is no separate display to point to and call the RNAV display. Figure 3-6 shows a system that uses the PFD to provide controls and a display for the FMS. This type of system utilizes the same concepts and procedures described above to access and enter into the navigation computer.

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