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Learning: Simulators for Learning and Practice

Avionics simulators can assist the pilot in developing proficiency in the advanced cockpit. Some manufacturers offer computer-based simulators that run on a personal computer and let the pilot learn how the unit organizes and presents information, as well as practice the buttonpushing and knob-twisting procedures needed to access and enter data. One very important function that every pilot of programmable avionics should learn and remember is how to cancel entries and functions. Turbulent flight conditions make data entry errors very easy to make. Every pilot should know how to revert quickly to the basic aircraft controls and functions to effect recovery in times of extreme stress. These programs are extremely useful not only for initial learning, but also for maintaining proficiency. For more sophisticated training, many manufacturers of flight simulators and flight training devices are now developing devices with advanced cockpit systems. These training platforms allow the pilot to work through realistic flying scenarios that teach not only the operating procedures required for each system, but also how to use the systems most effectively.

Flight Planning

Preflight Preparation

Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91, section 91.103 requires you to become familiar with all available information before beginning a flight. In addition to the required checks of weather, fuel, alternate airports, runway lengths, and aircraft performance, there are a number of requirements unique to the use of avionics equipment. Many of these considerations apply specifically to the use of FMS/RNAV under instrument flight rules (IFR). However, a check of these same requirements before operating under visual flight rules (VFR) enhances safety and enforces good habit patterns, which have been proven to greatly enhance aviation safety.

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