CHAPTER 4. Automated Flight Control

Engagement of Autopilot Function

Every autopilot offers a collection of buttons that allow you to choose and engage autopilot modes and functions. Buttons used to engage autopilot modes appear along the bottom of the autopilot shown in Figure 4-1. The system shown in Figure 4-3 does not use a separate device for autopilot controls; it integrates the autopilot function buttons into another cockpit display.

Verification of Autopilot Function Engagement

It is very important to verify that an autopilot mode has engaged, and the aircraft is tracking the intended flight profile. Every autopilot displays which autopilot modes are currently engaged, and most indicate an armed mode that activates when certain parameters are met, such as localizer interception. The autopilot shown in Figure 4-1 displays the active modes on the front of the unit, just above the controls. The integrated autopilot shown in Figure 4-4 displays the currently engaged autopilot mode along the top of the PFD.

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