CHAPTER 5. Information Systems

Electronic Charts

Some systems are capable of presenting terminal and approach procedure charts on the MFD. Figure 5-24 shows an instrument procedure presented on an MFD.

Note that the position of the aircraft is superimposed on the instrument approach chart. Electronic charts are also useful when taxiing, as they can help improve navigation on the airport surface and reduce runway and taxiway incursions.

FMS/RNAV Pages on the MFD

Some advanced avionics systems are able to draw information from the FMS/RNAV and present it on the MFD, in a larger format. The MFD in Figure 5-25 lists nearest airports and allows you to select any airport to see information about that airport.

Some advanced avionics systems can integrate information from several systems in a single display. The display in Figure 5-26 presents the route programmed into the FMS, together with fuel predictions for each waypoint made by the fuel management function.

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