Glossary - C

Chapter.   Associated group of electronic “pages” of information from databases found in FMS and GPS RNAV units similar in contents, such as airports, VORs, software/ unit settings, and feature selections.

Command bars.   A flight director display that presents roll and pitch instructions (generally, V-shaped visual cues) to help the pilot maintain the flightpath/flight track to the selected point. The pilot keeps the airplane symbol aligned with the command bars on the flight director, or centered on the FD crossbars (e.g., older Cessna units).

Crossing restriction.   A directive issued or published by air traffic control that instructs the pilot to cross a given waypoint at a specified altitude, and sometimes at a specified airspeed.

Cursor mode.   The function offered by the FMS/RNAV that allows data entry into an avionics unit such as the FMS and RNAV.

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