Glossary - L

LNAV.   Lateral (azimuth) navigation guidance. A type of navigation associated with nonprecision approach procedures or en route navigation.

LNAV/VNAV.   Lateral navigation/vertical navigation minimums provided for RNAV systems that include both lateral and vertical navigation (e.g., WAAS avionics approved for LNAV/VNAV, certified barometric VNAV with IFR approach certified GPS). Procedure minimums altitude is published as DA (decision altitude).

Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV).   Provides lateral containment areas comparable to an ILS localizer and decision heights between those of LNAV/ VNAV approaches and Category I ILS approaches. Approach procedure minimums that use WAAS to provide Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV). WAAS avionics equipment is required to fly to LPV minimums, which are published as DA (decision altitude).

Long range navigation (LORAN).   LOng RAnge Navigation ground-based electronic navigation system using hyperbolic lines of position determined by measuring the difference in the time of reception of synchronized pulse signals from fixed transmitters. LORAN-C and eLORAN operate in the 100–110 kHz frequency band. Enhanced LORAN (eLORAN) is planned to operate using more stable timing signals and stations from other chains for greater accuracy than the current LORAN-C system.

LPV.   See localizer performance with vertical guidance.

LORAN-C.   See long range navigation.

Magnetic flux valve.   A type of magnetometer using coils of wire as the transmitting portion of a synchronous repeating system, conventionally used to stabilize and correct a slaved gyroscopic heading (azimuth) indicator by sensing changes in the earth’s magnetic field.

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