Glossary - N

Navigation database.   The information stored in the FMS/ RNAV; contains most of the time-sensitive navigational information found on en route and procedural charts.

Navigation function.   An autopilot function that allows you to track the route programmed in the FMS/RNAV or navigation receiver, such as a VOR radial.

Next Generation Radar System.   A network of radar stations operated by the National Weather Service used to detect precipitation and wind. These data are used to prepare weather radar products that can be supplied to the cockpit via a broadcast weather service.

NEXRAD.   See Next Generation Radar System.

Nonsequencing mode.   The FMS/RNAV navigation mode that does not automatically sequence between waypoints in the programmed route. The nonsequencing mode maintains the current active waypoint indefinitely, and allows the pilot to specify desired track to or from that waypoint.

No-further-input prediction.   A technique to help pilots maintain awareness of how advanced avionics systems are configured, and of the likely future behavior of the aircraft. No-further-input predictions are made by considering what the aircraft will do if the pilot makes no further entries or commands.

Nuisance alert.   A term used to describe a “false alarm” provided by an avionics system designed to detect surrounding hazards such as proximate traffic and terrain.

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