Glossary - S

Sequencing mode.   The FMS/RNAV mode that automatically sequences along the waypoints in the programmed route. The sequencing mode alerts the pilot to upcoming waypoints, and offers guidance to each successive waypoint in the route.

Stand-alone approach.   An instrument approach that relies solely on the use of RNAV equipment. If flown with GPS/ WAAS enabled certified equipment in accordance with TSO-C145A or TSO-146A installed in accordance with the provisions of AC 20-130A or 138A, no conventional navigation equipment alternate approach (VOR/ILS) requirements are necessary, as when flying with TSO-C129 certified equipment.

Subpage.   An additional page of information about a particular topic that can be displayed on an FMS/RNAV. Many pages require the use of several subpages to show all information pertaining to any one topic.

SUSP.   See suspend mode.

Suspend mode.   For some FMS/RNAV units, the name used to describe the nonsequencing mode when it has been automatically set by the computer, or pilot.

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