Glossary - V

Vectors to final.   A function of FMS/RNAV units allowing the pilot to perform a vectored approach procedure without being required to switch to the nonsequencing mode manually and set the active waypoint and course.

Vertical speed mode.   An FD/autopilot mode that allows constant-rate climbs and descents by selecting a vertical speed on the flight director or autopilot control panel.

Very high frequency omnidirectional range (VOR).   Ground-based electronic navaid transmitting 360° azimuth signals on assigned frequencies ranging from 108.0 to 117.9 mHz to serve as the basis for the National Airspace System (NAS). The signals are identified by discreet Morse code identifiers and may have voice capabilities for ATC and FSS/ AFSS communications.

VOR.   See very high frequency omnidirectional range.

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