Glossary - W

WAAS.   See Wide Area Augmentation System.

Waypoint.   A named geographical location used to define routes and terminal area procedures. Modern advanced navigation avionics such as FMS/RNAV units are able to locate and follow courses to and from waypoints that occur anywhere in the airspace.

Waypoint alerting.   The function performed by the FMS/ RNAV to alert the pilot at some time or distance prior to, or when reaching, the active waypoint.

Waypoint sequencing.   The action performed by the FMS/ RNAV when the aircraft effectively has reached the active waypoint, and then automatically switches to the next waypoint in the programmed route. (See turn anticipation.)

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS).   A ground and satellite integrated navigational error correction system that provides accuracy enhancements to signals received from the Global Positioning System. WAAS provides extremely accurate lateral and vertical navigation signals to aircraft equipped with GPS/WAAS-enabled certified equipment in accordance with TSO-C145A or TSO-146A installed in accordance with the provisions of Advisory Circular (AC) 20-130A or AC 20-138A.

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