Chapter 11. Safety, Ground Operations, & Servicing

Turboprop Starting Procedures

To start an engine on the ground, perform the following operations:

  • Turn the aircraft boost pumps on.
  • Make sure that the power lever is in the “start" position.
  • Place the start switch in the “start" position. (This will start the engine turning.)
  • Place the ignition switch on. (On some engines, the ignition is activated by moving the fuel lever.)
  • The fuel is now turned on. This is accomplished by moving the condition lever to the “on" position.
  • Monitor the engine lights of the exhaust temperature. If it exceeds the limits, the engine should be shut down.
  • Check the oil pressure and temperature.
  • After the engine reaches a self-sustaining speed, the starter is disengaged.
  • The engine should continue to accelerate up to idle.
  • Maintain the power lever at the “start" position until the specified minimum oil temperature is reached.
  • Disconnect the ground power supply, if used.

If any of the following conditions occur during the starting sequence, turn off the fuel and ignition switch, discontinue the start immediately, make an investigation, and record the findings.

  • Turbine inlet temperature exceeds the specified maximum. Record the observed peak temperature.
  • Acceleration time from start of propeller rotation to stabilized rpm exceeds the specified time.
  • There is no oil pressure indication at 5,000 rpm for either the reduction gear or the power unit.
  • Torching (visible burning in the exhaust nozzle).
  • The engine fails to ignite by 4,500 rpm or maximum motoring rpm.
  • Abnormal vibration is noted or compressor surge occurs (indicated by backfiring).
  • Fire warning bell rings. (This may be due to either an engine fire or overheat.)
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