Chapter 11. Safety, Ground Operations, & Servicing

Flight Line Safety

Hearing Protection

The flight line is a place of dangerous activity. Technicians who perform maintenance on the flight line must constantly be aware of what is going on around them.

The noise on a flight line comes from many places. Aircraft are only one source of noise. There are auxiliary- power units (APUs), fuel trucks, baggage handling equipment, and so forth. Each has its own frequency of sound. Combined all together, the ramp or flight line can cause hearing loss.

There are many types of hearing protection available. Hearing protection can be external or internal. The external protection is the earmuff/headphone type. The internal type fit into the auditory canal. Both types will reduce the sound level reaching the eardrum and reduce the chances of hearing loss.

Hearing protection should also be used when working with pneumatic drills, rivet guns, or other loud or noisy tools or machinery. Because of their high frequency, even short duration exposure to these sounds can cause a hearing loss. Continued exposure will cause hearing loss.

Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

FOD is any damage caused by any loose object to aircraft, personnel, or equipment. These loose objects can be anything from broken runway concrete to shop towels to safety wire.

To control FOD, keep ramp and operation areas clean, have a tool control program, and provide convenient receptacles for used hardware, shop towels, and other consumables.

The modern gas turbine engine will create a low pressure area in front of the engine that will cause any loose object to be drawn into the engine. The exhaust of these engines can propel loose objects great distances with enough force to damage anything that is hit.

The importance of an FOD program cannot be overstressed when a technician considers the cost of engines, components, or the cost of a human life. Never leave tools or other items around the intake of a turbine engine.;

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