Chapter 12. Publications, Forms, & Records

Civil Air Regulations (CARs)

Prior to 1926, access to flying was totally uncontrolled. No licensing or certification was required. By the middle of the 1920s, it became obvious that unregulated private and commercial flying was dangerous. There was a growing awareness and acceptance that regulation could improve safety and encourage growth in aviation. Therefore, in 1926 the aviation industry requested Congress to enact federal legislation to regulate civil aviation. Thus, the Air Commerce Act of 1926 provided for the:

  • Establishment of airways.
  • Development of aviation aids.
  • Investigation of aviation accidents.
  • Licensing of pilots.
  • Certification of aircraft.

The CARs were part of the original certification basis for aircraft first certified in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s by the CAA. Therefore, the CARs may still be needed as a reference for these older aircraft. [Figure 12-10]

CAR 3 — Airplane Airworthiness — Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, and Restricted Purpose Categories

As the name implies, and Figure 12-1 indicates, this specific regulation is the basis for the current part 23 regulation. It has the following subpart categories:

     A — Airworthiness Requirements

     B — Flight Requirements — General

     C — Strength Requirements — General

     D — Design and Construction — General

     E — Powerplant Installations — Reciprocating Engines

     F — Equipment

Some examples of CAR 3 aircraft are Piper PA 22, PA 28, PA 32 and Cessna 182, 195, and 310.

Note: The “CAR" acronym actually has two interpretations: Civil Air Regulations and Canadian Aviation Regulations. The technician must clearly understand the difference, and recognize when one or the other is appropriate.

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