Chapter 12. Publications, Forms, & Records

Major Repairs and Alterations

Another major difference between LSA maintenance and traditional aircraft maintenance is that FAA Form 337, Major Repair and Alteration, is not required to document major repairs and alterations. Instead, any major repair or alteration that is accomplished after the LSA has gone through production acceptance testing must be evaluated relative to the applicable ASTM requirements. After this evaluation has been accomplished (either by the manufacturer or an entity approved by them), a written affidavit must be provided attesting that the LSA still meets the requirements of the applicable ASTMs.

The manufacturer (or other approved entity) must provide written instructions defining the level of certification necessary to perform the maintenance, and also include any ground test or flight testing necessary to verify that the LSA complies with the original LSA acceptance test standards, and is in condition for safe operation. Proper documentation of this maintenance activity is required to be entered in the LSA records, and is also defined by the manufacturer.

Task specific training is not required to be FAA approved. This is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer. Some examples of this are: an engine manufacturer’s overhaul school, or the EAA Sport Air fabric covering school.

Safety Directives are issued against an LSA or component, but are not issued by the FAA, but rather by the original aircraft manufacturer. (Note: if the LSA includes a product that is TC’d by the FAA, the manufacturer is required to issue a safety directive.)

Typical instructions within a Safety Directive are:

  • List of tools required for the task.
  • List of parts needed.
  • Type of maintenance (line, heavy, overhaul).
  • Level of certification needed.
  • Detailed instructions and diagrams.
  • Inspection and test methods.

Safety directives are considered to be mandatory except for experimental use LSAs.

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