Removed Section

A removed section illustrates particular parts of an object. It is drawn like revolved sections, except it is placed at one side and, to bring out pertinent details, often drawn to a larger scale than the view on which it is indicated.

Figure 2-7 is an illustration of removed sections. Section A-A shows the cross-sectional shape of the object at cutting plane line A-A. Section B-B shows the cross-sectional shape at cutting plane line B-B.

These sectional views are drawn to the same scale as the principal view. Note that they are often drawn to a larger scale to bring out pertinent details.

Title Blocks

Every print must have some means of identification. This is provided by a title block. [Figure 2-8] The title block consists of a drawing number and certain

other data concerning the drawing and the object it represents. This information is grouped in a prominent place on the print, usually in the lower right-hand corner. Sometimes the title block is in the form of a strip extending almost the entire distance across the bottom of the sheet.

Although title blocks do not follow a standard form insofar as layout is concerned, all of them present essentially the following information:

1. A drawing number to identify the print for filing purposes and to prevent confusing it with any other print.

2. The name of the part or assembly.

3. The scale to which it is drawn.

4. The date.

5. The name of the firm.

6. The name of the draftsmen, the checker, and the person approving the drawing.

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