Wrought Aluminum

Wrought aluminum and wrought aluminum alloys are designated by a four digit index system. The system is broken into three distinct groups: 1xxx group, 2xxx through 8xxx group, and 9xxx group (which is currently unused).

The first digit of a designation identifies the alloy type. The second digit indicates specific alloy modifications. Should the second number be zero, it would indicate no special control over individual impurities. Digits 1 through 9, however, when assigned consecutively as needed for the second number in this group, indicate the number of controls over individual impurities in the metal.

The last two digits of the 1xxx group are used to indicate the hundredths of 1 percent above the original 99 percent designated by the first digit. Thus, if the last two digits were 30, the alloy would contain 99 percent plus 0.30 percent of pure aluminum, or a total of 99.30 percent pure aluminum. Examples of alloys in this group are:

  • 1100—99.00 percent pure aluminum with one control over individual impurities.
  • 1130—99.30 percent pure aluminum with one control over individual impurities.
  • 1275—99.75 percent pure aluminum with two controls over individual impurities.

In the 2xxx through 8xxx groups, the first digit indicates the major alloying element used in the formation of the alloy as follows:

  • 2xxx—copper
  • 3xxx—manganese
  • 4xxx—silicon
  • 5xxx—magnesium
  • 6xxx—magnesium and silicon
  • 7xxx—zinc
  • 8xxx—other elements

In the 2xxx through 8xxx alloy groups, the second digit in the alloy designation indicates alloy modifications. If the second digit is zero, it indicates the original alloy, while digits 1 through 9 indicate alloy modifications.

The last two of the four digits in the designation identify the different alloys in the group. [Figure 5-4]

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