Glossary - F

FAA Form 337.   This form must be completed when a major repair or alteration is accomplished.

Ferrous metals.   Metals having iron as their principal constituent.

Force.   The intensity of an impetus, or the intensity of an input.

Foreign object damage (FOD).   Any damage caused by any loose object to aircraft, personnel, or equipment. These loose objects can be anything from broken runway concrete to shop towels and safety wire.

Fraction.   A number written in the form N/D in which N is the numerator and D is the denominator. For example, 5/16 is a fraction.

Frequency.   The number of cycles (on/off) completed per unit of time. Usually expressed in Hertz.

Fretting corrosion.   Occurs when two mating surfaces, normally at rest with respect to one another, are subject to slight relative motion.

Friction.  The opposition to movement between objects.

Fuel grade.   The rating system used for aviation gasoline. It rates fuel according to its antidetonation characteristics.

Fuse.   A protective device containing a special wire that melts when current exceeds the rated value for a definite period.

Fuselage stations (FS).   Reference locations, usually given in inches, used to determine forward and aft positions on an aircraft. FS - 0 is the datum.

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