The use of mathematics is so woven into every area of everyday life that seldom if ever does one fully realize how very helpless we would be in the performance of most of our daily work without the knowledge of even the simplest form of mathematics. Many persons have difficulty with relatively simple computations involving only elementary mathematics. Performing mathematical computations with success requires an understanding of the correct procedures and continued practice in the use of mathematical manipulations.

A person entering the aviation field will be required to perform with accuracy. The aviation mechanic is often involved in tasks that require mathematical computations of some sort. Tolerances in aircraft and engine components are often critical, making it necessary to measure within a thousandth or ten-thousandth of an inch. Because of the close tolerances to which he must adhere, it is important that the aviation mechanic be able to make accurate measurements and mathematical calculations.

Mathematics may be thought of as a kit of tools, each mathematical operation being compared to the use of one of the tools in the solving of a problem. The basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are the tools available to aid us in solving a particular problem.

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