A number of materials are available for mild cleaning use. In this section, some of the more common materials are discussed.

Cleaning Compound, Aircraft Surfaces

Specification MIL-C-5410 Type I and II materials are used in general cleaning of painted and unpainted aircraft surfaces for the removal of light to medium soils, operational films, oils, or greases. They are safe to use on all surfaces, including fabrics, leather, and transparent plastics. Nonglare finishes should not be cleaned more than necessary and should never be scrubbed with stiff brushes.

Nonionic Detergent Cleaners

These materials may be either water soluble or oil soluble. The oil soluble detergent cleaner is effective in a 3 to 5 percent solution in dry cleaning solvent for softening and removing heavy preservative coatings. This mixture's performance is similar to the emulsion cleaners mentioned previously.