explanation Explanation Of Changes

Change 1 - August 13, 1998

{New-98-8 Revised August 13, 1998}
Direct questions through appropriate facility/region staff to the Office of Primary Interest (OPI)

 a. Updates references to FAAO 7210.3, Facility Operation and Administration, to reflect the latest changes to paragraph numbers. Revision bars were used. (ATA-10)
 b. Replaces Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and/or Standard Instrument Departure/Flight Management System

Procedures (SID/FMSP) with Instrument Departure Procedure (DP) throughout this order. Revision bars were used. (ATO-120).


   DP - Instrument Departure Procedure (ATO-120)
   DSR - Display System Replacement (ATO-110)
   MDM - Main Display Monitor (ATO-110)
   PVD - Plan View Display (ATO-110)
   RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (ATO-150)

   SAC - Strategic Air Command (ATO-130)
   SID - Standard Instrument Departure (ATO-120)

 d. 2-10-2. TERMINAL RADAR/NONRADAR TEAM POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES. Corrects numbering of subparagraphs. (ATA-10)

 e. 3-1-9. USE OF TOWER RADAR DISPLAYS. Provides clarification for the operational use of uncertified tower display workstations at low-activity VFR ATCT's. (ATO-120)

 f. 4-1-2. EXCEPTIONS. Precludes the controller from having to reroute aircraft capable of navigating on the original airway, route, or procedures such as STAR's. (ATO-120)

 g. 4-3-2. DEPARTURE CLEARANCES. Incorporates the procedural changes contained in Notice 7110.177, Instrument Departure Procedures, which is canceled on August 13, 1998. (ATO-120)

 h. 4-5-1. VERTICAL SEPARATION MINIMA. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Regional Supplementary Document, Doc. 7030.4, allows the application of 1,000 foot vertical separation within MNPS airspace to approved flights between FL 290 and FL 410 inclusive. RVSM Phase 1 allows the application of 1,000 foot vertical separation, between FL 330 and FL 370 inclusive, to approved aircraft operating within or transitioning to/from MNPS airspace. RVSM Phase 2, which expands the usable altitudes for RVSM, is planned for October 1998. (ATO-150)

 i. 4-5-2. FLIGHT DIRECTION. Modifies TBL 4-5-1. See explanation under 4-5-1. (ATO-150)

 j. 4-7-6. ADVANCE APPROACH INFORMATION. Deletes paragraph. (ATO-120)

 k. 4-7-11. APPROACH INFORMATION. Renumbers to 4-7-10. Deletes reference to paragraph 4-7-6. (ATA-10)

 l. 5-1-2. ALIGNMENT CHECK. The development of the Display System Replacement (DSR) replaces the Plan View Display with the Main Display Monitor (MDM). (ATO-110)

 m. 5-5-3. MINIMA. See explanation under 5-1-2. (ATO-110)

 n. 5-14-5. SELECTED ALTITUDE LIMITS. See explanation under 5-1-2. (ATO-110)

 o. 7-5-7. GROUND VISIBILITY BELOW ONE MILE. Clarifies a discrepancy between CFR Part 91.157 and a note contained in this paragraph. (ATO-110)

 p. 7-5-8. FLIGHT VISIBILITY BELOW ONE MILE. See explanation under 7-5-7. (ATO-110)

 q. 9-2-1. GENERAL. Clarifies the intent of the paragraph. (ATO-230)

 r. 9-2-3. EMERGENCY OR UNSCHEDULED LANDINGS. Clarifies the intent of the paragraph. (ATO-230)

 s. 9-3-12. MILITARY SPECIAL USE FREQUENCIES. Deletes the term and abbreviation Tactical Air Command (TAC). (ATO-130)

 t. 10-4-4. COMMUNICATIONS FAILURE. Updates the telephone numbers for the San Francisco ARINC Communications Center. (ATO-100)

 u. APPENDIX A. AIRCRAFT INFORMATION. Corrects errors in the current appendix and improves the document as a tool for controllers. (ATO-120)

 v. OFFICES OF PRIMARY INTEREST. Deletes paragraph 4-7-6 and renumbers paragraphs 4-7-7 through 4-7-14. (ATA-10)

  Terms added:
  Ground Communication Outlet (GCO) (ATO-120)
  Instrument Departure Procedure (DP) (ATO-120)
  Instrument Departure Procedure (DP) Charts (ATO-120)

  Terms deleted:
  Standard Instrument Departure (ATO-120)
  Standard Instrument Departure Charts (ATO-120)

  Terms modified:
  Aeronautical Chart (ATO-120)
  Arrival Sector Advisory List (ATO-110)
  Cleared as Filed (ATO-120)
  IFR Takeoff Minimums and Departure Procedures (ATO-120)
  Meter List Display Interval (ATO-110)
  Metering Position(s) (ATO-110)
  Metering Position List (ATO-110)
  Preferential Routes (ATO-120)
  Preferred IFR Routes (ATO-120)
  Transition (ATO-120)