ACLD above clouds

ACSL standing lenticular altocumulus

ACYC anticyclonic

AFDK after dark

ALQDS all quadrants

AC altocumulus

ACC altocumulus castellanus

ACCAS altocumulus castellanus

AS altostratus

AOA at or above

AOB at or below

BCKG backing

BFDK before dark

BINOVC breaks in overcast

BL between layers

BLZD blizzard

BOVC base of overcast

CBMAM cumulonimbus mamma

CC cirrocumulus

CCSL cirrocumulus standing lenticular

CFP cold frontal passage

CI cirrus

CLRS clear and smooth

CRLCN circulation

CS cirrostratus

CU cumulus

CUFRA cumulus fractus

CYC cyclonic

DFUS diffuse

DNSLP downslope

DP deep

DTRT deteriorate

DURC during climb

DURD during descent

DWNDFTS downdraft

EMBDD embedded

FNTGNS frontogensis (front forming)

FNTLYS frontolysis (front decaying)

FROPA frontal passage

GFDEP ground fog estimated depth (feet)

HDEP haze layer estimated depth (feet)

HLSTO hailstones

HLYR haze layer aloft

HYR higher

ICG icing

ICGIC icing in cloud

ICGICIP icing in cloud in precipitation

ICGIP icing in precipitation

INTMT intermittent

INVRN inversion

IPV improve

ISOLD isolated

KDEP smoke layer estimated depth (feet)

KLYR smoke layer

KOCTY smoke over city

LLWS low level wind shear

LTG,LTNG lightning

LTGCC lightning cloud to cloud

LTGCCCG lightning cloud to cloud, cloud to ground

LTGCW lightning cloud to water

LTGIC lightning in cloud

MEGG merging

MLTLVL melting level

MNLD mainland

MOGR moderate or greater

MRGL marginal

MSTR moisture

NCWX no change in weather

NPRS nonpersistent

NRW narrow

NS nimbostratus

OAOI on and off instruments

OAT outside air temperature

OCFNT occluded front

OCLD occlude

OFP occluded frontal passage

OFSHR off shore

OI on instruments

OMTNS over mountains

ONSHR on shore

OTAS on top and smooth

OVRNG overrunning

PDW priority delayed weather

PRESFR pressure falling rapidly

PRESRR pressure rising rapidly

PRIND present indications are

PRST persist

QSTNRY quasistationary

QUAD quadrant

RGD ragged

RTD routine delayed weather

SC stratocumulus

SKC,CLR sky clear

SNOINCR snow depth increase in past hour

SNRS,SR sunrise

SNST,SS sunset

SNWFL snowfall

{p 15-5}

SQAL squall

SQLN squall line

ST stratus

STFRA stratus fractus

STFRM stratiform

STM storm

TCU towering cumulus

TOVC top of overcast

TROP tropopause

TWRG towering

UDDF up and down drafts

UPDFTS updrafts

UPSLP upslope

VLNT violent

VR veer

WDSPRD widespread

WFP warm frontal passage

WK weak

WRMFNT warm front

WSHFT wind shift

WV wave


AC Convective Outlook Bulletin; identifies a forecast of probable convective storms.

AIRMET Airman's Meteorological Information; an inflight advisory forecast of conditions possibly hazardous to light aircraft or inexperienced pilots.

ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center.

CWSU Center Weather Service Unit.

EFAS En-route Flight Advisory Service (Flight Watch).

FA Area Forecast; identifies a forecast of general aviation weather over a relatively large area.

FD Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast; a forecast identifier.

FT Terminal Forecast; identifies a forecast in the U.S. forecast code.

GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite.

HIWAS Hazardous In-flight Weather Advisory Service.

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization.

IFSS International Flight Service Station.

LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station, usually a control tower; reports fewer elements than a complete SA.

METAR Meteorological Aerodrome Report; international weather report in the WMO code.

NAWAU National Aviation Weather Advisory Unit.

NESDIS National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service.

NEXRAD Next Generation Radar; the new NWS Doppler Radar.

NHC National Hurricane Center.

NMC National Meteorological Center.

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce.

NOTAM Notice to Airmen.

NSSFC National Severe Storms Forecast Center.

NWS National Weather Service.

PATWAS Pilot's Automatic Telephone Weather Answering Service; a self-briefing service.

PIREP Pilot Weather Report.

RAREP Radar Weather Report.

SA Surface Aviation Weather Report; a message identifier.

SAWRS Supplemental Aviation Weather Report; usually an airline office at a terminal not having NWS or FAA facilities.

SFSS Satellite Field Service Station.

SIGMET Significant Meteorological Information; an inflight advisory forecast of weather hazardous to all aircraft.

TAF Terminal Aerodrome Forecast; identifies a terminal forecast in the WMO code.

TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcast; a self-briefing radio broadcast service.

UA Pilot Weather Report (PIREP); a message identifier.

WA AIRMET valid for a specified period, a message identifier.

WMO World Meteorological Organization.

WS SIGMET valid for a specified period, a message identifier.

WSFO Weather Service Forecast Office.

WSO Weather Service Office.

WST Convective SIGMET, a message identifier.

WW Severe Weather Watch; identifies a forecast of probable severe thunderstorms or tornadoes.