Glossary "F"

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

The federal agency responsible to promote aviation safety through regulation and education.

Fabric Test

Testing of the envelope fabric for tensile strength, tear strength, and/or porosity. Fabric tests are specified by each balloon manufacturer.

False Lift

See Uncontrolled Lift.

FCC(Federal Communications Commission)

The federal agency which regulates radio communication and communication equipment in the United States.


Adjective used to describe a noncombustible material that cannot be destroyed by fire.





The inadvertent extinguishing of a burner flame.


The last flight maneuver by an aircraft in a successful landing, wherein the balloon's descent is reduced to a path nearly parallel to the landing surface.

Flexible Suspension

Balloon basket suspension consisting of steel or fiber cables without rigid structure.

Flight Review

Required for all certificated pilots every 24 months in order to retain pilot in command privileges. A flight review consists of at least 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training.



Flight Time

"The time from the moment the aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of flight until the moment it comes to rest at the next point of landing." (14 CFR part 1)

Flight Visibility

"The average forward horizontal distance, of an aircraft in flight, at which prominent unlighted objects may be seen and identified by day and prominent lighted objects may be seen and identified by night." (14 CFR part 1)


Feet Per Minute.

FSDO (Flight Standards District Office)

Field offices of the FAA, which deal with certification and operation of aircraft.



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