Glossary "G"


A device for measuring. Required gauges on a hot air balloon are the envelope temperature gauge (pyrometer) and the fuel quantity gauge for each fuel tank. Most balloons also have fuel pressure gauges.

General Aviation

Total field of aviation operations other than military and air transport (airlines).


A type of support that allows a compass or gyroscope to remain in an upright position when its base is tilted.



A vertical section of fabric, often made of two vertical, or numerous horizontal panels, sewn together to make a balloon envelope.

Grab Test

A test, as specified by balloon manufacturers, to determine the tensile strength of envelope fabric.


Ground Crew

Persons who assist in the assembly, inflation, chase, and recovery of a balloon.

Ground Visibility

"Prevailing horizontal visibility near the earth's surface as reported by the United States National Weather Service or an accredited observer." (14 CFR part 1)


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