Glossary "M"


The upkeep of equipment, to include preservation, repair, overhaul, and the replacement of parts. Maintenance


A set of detailed instructions issued by the manufacturer of an aircraft, engine, or component that describes the way maintenance should be performed.

Maintenance Release

A release, signed by an authorized inspector, repairman, mechanic or pilot, after work has been performed, stating that an aircraft or aircraft part has been approved for return to service. The person releasing the aircraft must have the authority appropriate to the work being signed off.

Master Tank

The propane tank, usually tank number one, that offers all appropriate services, such as liquid, vapor, and backup system.


Metering Valve

A valve on a balloon heater that can be set to allow propane to pass through at a specific rate.


A type of alcohol, usually fermented from wood, required by most balloon manufacturers to be introduced into propane tanks annually to adsorb, and thus eliminate, small quantities of water from the fuel.


A gray or white parasite fungus which, under warm, moist conditions, can live on organic dirt found on balloon envelopes. The fungus waste materials attack the coating on the fabric.


A statute mile is 5,280 feet. A nautical mile is 6,076 feet.



The force of a moving body that tries to keep the body moving at the same direction and speed. The momentum weight of the average hot air balloon is nearly 4 tons.


Operation of an unmanned balloon secured to the ground by lines or controlled by anything touching the ground. See 14 CFR part 101.


The bottom, open end of a hot air balloon envelope. Also called "throat."


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