Glossary "O"


"Use, cause to use, or authorize to use aircraft, for the purpose of air navigation including the piloting of aircraft, with or without the right of legal control (as owner, lessee, or otherwise)." (14 CFR part 1)


A doughnut-shaped packing, usually rubber, used between two moving parts to act as a seal. Balloon heater and tank valves usually have O-rings between the valve stem and valve bonnet.



A term pertaining to mountains or anything caused by mountains. As in orographic wind wind formed by mountains. Orographic cloud a cloud whose existence is caused by disturbed flow of air over and around a mountain barrier.

Overtemp (or Over Temperature)

The act of heating the air inside a hot air balloon envelope beyond the manufacturer's maximum temperature.


Oxygen Starvation

The condition inside a balloon envelope where all available oxygen has been consumed by the heater flame and additional burning is impossible since propane must have oxygen to burn. In extreme cases, the blast flame and pilot light flame will extinguish after a long burn or series of burns and may not relight until the envelope has "breathed" additional air.


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