Glossary "R"

Rapid Descent

A relatively fast loss of altitude. A subjective term, but usually meant to describe a descent of more than 500 FPM.


"A statement that, as part of a pilot certificate, sets forth special conditions, privileges, or limitations." (14 CFR part 1)

Red Line

Refers to a line which activates the deflation panel of a balloon, or the maximum envelope temperature allowed, or the maximum on a gauge.

Repair Station

A facility where specified aircraft and their parts may be inspected, repaired, altered, modified, or maintained. FAA approval is issued to a facility upon qualifications specified by the local FSDO.


Repairman Certificate

An FAA certificate issued to a person who is employed by a repair station or air carrier as a specialist in some form of aircraft maintenance. A repairman certificate is also issued to an eligible person who is the primary builder of an experimental aircraft, to which the privileges of the certificate are applicable.

Required Equipment

Equipment that must be aboard an aircraft, as required either by the FAA or balloon manufacturer, to maintain airworthiness.

Restricted Area

Airspace of defined dimensions within which the flight of aircraft is restricted in accordance with certain conditions.


Return to Service

A certificated mechanic orauthorized inspector must approve an aircraft for return to service after it has been inspected, repaired, or altered. In addition, an aircraft that has been modified must be test flown by an appropriately certificated pilot before return to service.

Rip Panel

A deflation panel, usually circular or triangular, at the top of a balloon envelope, which may be opened by pulling a line in the basket to allow hot air or gas to escape, and the envelope to deflate.

Rotator Vent

See Turning Vent.


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