Glossary "V"


See VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator).


Verb: "to vent" is the action of opening the vent to cool the air in the envelope. Noun: an envelope opening that will automatically close.

Vent Line

The line that activates the cooling vent.


VFR (Visual Flight Rules)

Flight rules governing aircraft flight when the pilot has visual reference to the ground at all times.

VHF (Very High Frequency)

The frequency range used for air/ground voice and navigational facility communications.


Precipitation that falls from a cloud and evaporates before reaching the ground.



The total amount of air or gas (expressed in cubic feet) contained in a balloon envelope.

VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)

An instrument that continuously records the rate at which an aircraft climbs or descends. Usually measured in FPM. A required instrument in a balloon.


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