Items from FAA Form 7711-2 are explained below for the purpose of uniformity.


Items 1 and 2, Name of Organization/Name or Responsible Person. If you are a representative of an organization, the organization’s name should appear in Item 1. Your name and title or position as the organization’s representative, for application purposes, should appear in Item 2. If you are not representing an organization, the term N/A should be entered in Item 1 and your name entered in Item 2.

Item 3, Permanent Mailing Address. Permanent mailing address of the organization or responsible person entered in Item 2.

Item 4, Title 14 CFR Part 91, Section 91.311, Minimum Safe Altitudes: General, to be Waived. List all sections of the regulations to be waived.

Item 5, Detailed Description of Proposed Operations. It is sufficient to use the term aerial advertising/banner tow operations for a description. However, additional information may be included.

Item 6, Area of Operation. Identify the geographic areas of the intended banner tow operation.

Item 7, Time Period. List the beginning dates and hours and ending dates and hours when the banner tow operations will be conducted. The maximum time period for operations that can be waived is 24 calendar months. The application should be submitted to the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) at least 30 days before the beginning date of the banner tow operation or for renewal. If the application is for a one-time banner tow operation, it is advisable to request an alternate date for the operation. Alternate dates should be listed in this item. If there are any questions, please contact the FSDO.

Item 8, Aircraft Make and Model. List the names of all pilots, their certificate numbers, ratings, home addresses, and the makes and models of all aircraft that will be used in the banner tow operation. If the type of aircraft and/or the names of the pilots are not known at the time the application is submitted, the FAA will accept the application with the statement, “A list containing aircraft and/or pilot information will be furnished on [date].”


Items 9 though 14 apply to air show and air race waiver requests only.

Item 15, Certification. The applicant or an organization’s representative must sign in this block.

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