TRAINING FOR BANNER TOW OPERATIONS. Before operating under the terms of the authorization, the holder of the authorization should ensure that all pilots satisfactorily complete ground and flight training applicable to the aircraft used and review 14 CFR sections appropriate to such operations, terms, and special provisions of the authorization. A proficiency flight check in one of the aircraft to be used for banner towing should also be conducted. This proficiency flight check typically includes the commercial pilot operations listed in the Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards, flight at critically slow airspeeds, maximum performance maneuvers, and emergency procedures to include equipment malfunctions and specific banner towing safety procedures. This training should include procedures that will allow the pilot to conduct a go-around in the event the banner does not properly release during drop-offs. See Figure 4-1, Suggestions for Banner Tow Training Syllabus; a suggested training program outline. Ground support personnel should also receive training appropriate to the banner tow operation.

Pilots authorized to operate aircraft with multiple release systems, should receive training that includes methods to visually verify:

  • Hook and release mechanisms prior to each pickup and drop-off.
  • That release handles are numbered in sequence and positioned in a manner that will allow the pilot to activate all handles.
  • That the rack or other device used to secure grapple hooks to the aircraft should be labeled in a letter or number sequence that is easily recognizable by the pilot while airborne to correspond with the appropriate release handle
  • That before being authorized to operate an aircraft with a multiple release system, it is required that each pilot be trained to proficiency and certified for multiple release systems by a qualified instructor pilot

Training records should be kept for a minimum of 14 months and made available for inspection by the Administrator upon request.

The holder of the Certificate of Authorization shall maintain and keep current at the home base of operations designated in the application, the following records:

  • The date of each banner tow service
  • The N number of aircraft used for each operation conducted
  • The name, address and certificate number of each pilot used in banner towing operations and the date the pilot met the knowledge and skill requirements and completed the flight proficiency check described in Figure 4-1, Suggestions for Banner Tow Training Syllabus
NOTE: If the company invoice has all the above-required information, the invoice would suffice for this record.

These records must be kept for a minimum of 14 months and made available for inspection by the Administrator upon request.

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