Aeromedical Aeromedical Factors

This section is not intended to be an in depth discussion of all the aeromedical factors with which pilots must be concerned. However, the sooner the pilot learns that at least a basic knowledge of these matters is vital to safe flight operations, the sooner adequate attention will be devoted to learning more about aeromedical problems.

Once the pilot enters the airplane, the ability to function properly is absolutely essential to safe flight. Ignorance of and indifference to the physical demands of flight can be as senseless as the lack of concern for an airplane's structural integrity. It is the responsibility of the pilot to consider the status of his or her personal health and to be informed on aeromedical facts. Advisory Circular 67-2, Medical Handbook for Pilots, provides much of this information.

A few of the more important medical factors dealing with a pilot's ability to safely function in the flight environment and to cope with its problems are briefly discussed here as an introduction to beginning pilots.