After Landing Check After Landing Check

   During the after landing roll, the airplane should be gradually slowed to normal taxi speed before turning off the landing runway. Any significant degree of turn at faster speeds could result in ground looping and subsequent damage to the airplane.

   To give full attention to controlling the airplane during the landing roll, the after landing check should be performed only after the airplane is brought to a complete stop clear of the active runway. There have been many cases of the pilot mistakenly grasping the wrong handle and retracting the landing gear, instead of the flaps, due to improper division of attention while the airplane was moving.

   Because of different features and equipment in various airplanes, the after landing checklist provided by the manufacturer should be used. Some of the items may include:

      1. Hold brakes ON.
      2. Identify landing flap control and retract flaps.
      3. Open engine cowl flaps (if equipped).
      4. Recheck and set propeller control (if equipped) to FULL INCREASE.
      5. Set trim tabs for takeoff.