Crosswind Roundout (Flare) Crosswind Roundout (Flare)
Generally, the roundout can be made as in a normal landing approach but the application of a crosswind correction must be continued as necessary to prevent drifting (Fig. 9-12).

Since the airspeed decreases as the roundout progresses, the flight controls gradually become less effective; as a result, the crosswind correction being held would become inadequate. When using the wing low method then, it is necessary to gradually increase the deflection of the rudder and ailerons to maintain the proper amount of drift correction.

   Do not level the wings; keep the upwind wing down throughout the roundout. If the wings are leveled, the airplane will begin drifting and the touchdown will occur while drifting. Remember, the primary objective is to land the airplane without subjecting it to any side loads which result from touching down while drifting and to prevent ground looping while the landing is being accomplished.