Terminal Radar Service Terminal Radar Service for VFR Aircraft
Another valuable service for avoiding conflict with other traffic is provided by radar traffic control facilities at many of the busy airport hubs. This service is available at the pilot's request through the approach control facility serving the area, on a workload permitting basis. The issuance of traffic information as observed on a radar display by the controller (Fig. 7-10), is based on the principle of assisting and advising a pilot that a particular radar target's (aircraft) position and track indicates it may intersect or passing such close proximity to the pilot's intended flightpath that it warrants the pilot's attention. This is to alert the pilot to take appropriate evasive action should the need arise. This service is not intended to relieve the pilot of the responsibility for continued vigilance to see and avoid other aircraft. Information and the availability of this service is presented in the Airport/Facility Directory.