CHAPTER 6. Planning Instructional Activity

Planning Instructional Activity  6-1
Introduction 6-1
Course of Training 6-2
Blocks of Learning 6-2
Training Syllabus 6-3
Syllabus Format and Content 6-3
How To Use a Training Syllabus 6-4
Lesson Plans 6-6
Purpose of the Lesson Plan 6-6
Characteristics of a Well-Planned Lesson 6-6
How To Use a Lesson Plan Properly 6-8
Lesson Plan Formats 6-8
Scenario-Based Training (SBT) 6-9
Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of the Aviation Instructor 6-9
SBT Lesson Plan 6-10
Prescenario Planning 6-11
Single-Pilot Resource Management 6-12
Chapter Summary 6-12

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