Section 10. Charts and Publications for Flights 
Outside the U.S.


a. Aeronautical charts and/or flight information publications covering many foreign countries are produced by U.S. commercial enterprises, several foreign governments, ICAO and the U.S. Government. The information provided below deals with materials produced by the U.S. Government.

b. This manual is complemented by the monthly publication, DOMESTIC/INTERNATIONAL NOTICES TO AIRMEN. It contains significant international Class II NOTAM information and special notices to foreign locations, which may affect a pilot's decision to enter or use certain areas of foreign or international airspace. The major subject areas included are Foreign Notices, International Oceanic Airspace Notices, U.S. Oceanic Control Area Notices, North American Routes for North Atlantic Traffic (NAR), Omega Navigation System Status Report, and General Notices. This publication is available upon separate subscription only (see order information in Foreword).

c. The information concerning en route charting and airports of entry given in the individual countries in this manual are based upon and correlate with U.S. Government publications, in particular, the Flight Information Publication (FLIP) packages produced by DOD, National Imaging and Mapping Agency (NIMA), which may be purchased from NIMA Combat Support Center. Briefly, the FLIP "packages," which provide coverage of all Free World countries except Canada and the North Atlantic Oceanic area, consist of the following three elements:

1. En route Low Altitude Charts, En route High Altitude Charts, or En route Charts (combining high and low altitude): Printed back-to-back, accordion folded to about 5'' x 10'', portraying the airways system for IFR operations, plus enlarged insets and blowups of terminal areas and/or special routes.

2. En route Supplements: A bound booklet, approximately 5'' x 8'', containing an alphabetical IFR/VFR airport/facility directory and other data supporting the en route charts.

3. Terminal Low and/or High Altitude Charts: A bound booklet about 5'' x 10'', containing instrument approach procedures and airport sketches with additional data for approaches under IFR conditions.

d. NIMA also produces and sells Operational Navigation Charts (ONCS) which portray cities, towns, powerlines, principal roads, railroads, boundaries, miscellaneous cultural features, contours, shadient relief, spot elevations, maximum elevation data, lakes, rivers, streams, airports and stable aeronautical facilities. These charts are at a scale of 1:1,000,000 (1 inch equals 14 nautical miles) and measure 42'' by 58''. An index of world-wide coverage may be obtained from NOS free of charge.


a. Telephone inquiries relating to FLIP publications may be made directly to Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Support Center Richmond, Product Center 9 on 1-800-826-0342 or commercial 804-279-6500. .

b. Telephone inquiries relating to charts produced by NOS may be made directly to NOS on Area Code 301-436-6990.

c. Orders for charts and publications should be directed to the National Ocean Service, NOAA Distribution Branch, N/CG33, Riverdale, MD 20840. Orders must be accompanied by check or money order made payable to NOS, Department of Commerce. Remittance from countries outside the United States should be in U.S. funds on a U.S. Bank or by International Money Order. Postage stamps cannot be accepted.

d. En route chart coverage of Canada and the North Atlantic Oceanic Area may be obtained from the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Map Distribution Office, Surveys and Mapping Branch, 615 Booth St., Ottawa 4, Ontario, Canada.

e. ICAO publications providing supplemental information applicable to international flights, can be obtained from the International Civil Aviation Organization, Place de l'Aviation Internationale, P.O. Box 400 Montreal P.Q., Canada H3A 2R2 (Attention: Distribution Unit). ICAO does publish a catalogue of publications to facilitate choosing which documents may be desired; however, the following list may facilitate ordering and obtaining prices:

1. Annex 1-Personnel Licensing

2. Annex 2-Rules of the Air

3. Annex 3-Meteorology

4. Annex 4-Aeronautical Charts

5. Annex 6-Operation of Aircraft

6. Part I-International Commercial Air Transport

7. Part II-International General Aviation

8. Annex 8-Airworthiness of Aircraft

9. Annex 10- Aeronautical Telecommunications

10. Volume I-Equipment and Systems; Radio Frequencies

11. Volume II-Communication Procedures including those with PANS status

12. Annex 11-Air Traffic Services

13. Annex 12-Search and Rescue

14. Document 4444-Procedures for Air Navigation Services

15. Document 7030-Flight Rules, Flight Plans, ATC Clearances, Transponder Operation, Communications and Reporting Procedures.