Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Chapter 11 — Approaches and Landings

Wing Blowing Over After Touchdown

When landing in a crosswind, there is a concern that the wing will blow downwind during the after-landing roll. This is due to the fact that the wing is flexibly attached to the cart.

Anytime a powered parachute is rolling on the ground in a crosswind condition, the upwind side of the parachute is receiving a force that wants to push it downwind.

If no correction is applied, it is possible that the upwind side of the parachute will rise sufficiently to cause the downwind side of the parachute to strike the ground. If the wind and/or the forward motion of the powered parachute is great enough, a rollover may result. It is important for a pilot to remember that the parachute should be flown or pulled to the ground right after landing the cart. The cart and the parachute’s movements should be controlled together on the ground.

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