Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Chapter 12 — Night, Abnormal, and Emergency Procedures

In-Flight Fire

Considering the flammability of a ram-air wing, it is easy to realize that in-flight fire—especially an engine or fuel fire—is one of the most serious emergencies a PPC pilot can encounter. (Note: An electrical fire in the front of the cart is unlikely to cause anything more than an engine failure. Therefore, see “Engine Failures” above for this specific emergency.) If there is any sign of fire near the engine, fuel containers, or fuel lines, do everything possible to reduce the possibilities of the fire spreading and land as soon as possible. The necessary procedures are:

• Reduce throttle to idle;
• If possible, shut off fuel valves;
• Shut off magnetos;
• Shut off all electronics;
• Land immediately and stop as quickly as possible; and
• Evacuate the aircraft immediately.

After landing, get far away. The principal danger after evacuating the PPC is that the fuel will ignite and explode, with the potential to injure people at considerable distances.

Landing Porpoise

Porpoising refers to pitch oscillations, most noticeable during a landing. These erratic pilot-induced movements are a result of rapid throttle movements. This is a common, correctable error pilots need to be aware of. There is a delay between throttle changes and pitch changes. Porpoising will result if you overcontrol the throttle during a landing attempt, causing pitch oscillations. As a result of over-reacting, the PPC, which is now dangerously close to the ground, will be further induced into increasing the forward/ rearward swinging oscillations from the pilot throttle movements. [Figure 12-9]

If this happens, immediately abort the landing and climb back to pattern altitude. On the next turn to final, relax and work with a slow, smooth throttle action.

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