Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Chapter 2 - Aerodynamics of Flight

PPC Aerodynamics Summary

The following summarizes PPC aerodynamics:

• Increasing throttle causes the PPC to climb, decreasing the throttle allows the PPC to descend.
• The PPC flies at a relatively constant airspeed and angle of attack in normal flying conditions.
• The weight of the PPC controls steady state airspeed under similar conditions of wing size and type, trim, steering line settings, and pilot flare. Increased weight or load factor increases speed and/or angle of attack.
• The lighter the weight, the slower the airspeed, the less control pressure on the wing, and the slower your descent.
• The heavier the cart (total weight under the wing), the faster the airspeed, the more effort required for maneuvers (foot steering pressure), and the faster your descent.
• The wing set (rectangular or elliptical), size, and cart weight have a strong influence on PPC performance and maneuverability.

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