Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Chapter 2 - Aerodynamics of Flight

Center of Gravity

The center of gravity (CG) is the theoretical point of concentrated weight of the aircraft. It is the point within the PPC about which all the moments trying to rotate it are balanced. The most obvious difference in the center of gravity for a PPC is the vertical position compared to an airplane, as it is much lower than the wing. The Pilotís Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge accurately states the center of gravity is generally in the vertical center of the fuselage. The same is true for the PPC. However, the PPC wing is high above the fuselage (cart) creating the unique pendulum effect flying characteristics of the PPC (which will be covered in detail later).

In a two-seat PPC, the second seat is typically behind the pilotís seat, and the center of gravity is usually located directly over the rear passenger seat. Therefore, the center of gravity location does not change significantly with or without a passenger. Fuel tanks are typically located near the center of gravity so any differences in fuel quantity will not significantly change the center of gravity fore and aft with different fuel quantities.

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