Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

Chapter 5 — Preflight and Ground Operations

The Preflight Checklist

Use a written checklist during preflight and ground operations. The checklist is an aid to the memory and helps to ensure that critical items necessary for the safe operation of the aircraft are not overlooked or forgotten.

Certificates and Documents

The airworthiness of the powered parachute is determined, in part, by the following certificates and documents, which must be on board the aircraft when operated:

• Airworthiness certificate.
• Registration certificate.
• Operating limitations, which may be in the form of an FAA-approved Aircraft Flight Manual and/or Pilot’s Operating Handbook (AFM/POH), placards, instrument markings, or any combination thereof.
• Weight and balance

AROW is the acronym commonly used to remember these items. The pilot in command is ultimately responsible to make sure the proper documentation is on board. [Figure 5-4]

Aircraft logbooks are not required to be on board the powered parachute when it is operated. However, you should inspect the aircraft logbooks prior to flight to confirm the PPC has had all required tests and inspections. The owner/operator must keep maintenance records for the airframe and powerplant.

At a minimum, there must be an annual inspection within the preceding 12-calendar months. In addition, the powered parachute may also need a 100-hour inspection in accordance with 14 CFR part 91 if it is used for hire (for example, for training operations). If a transponder or a transponder/encoder with a pitotstatic system is used, it must be inspected within each preceding 24-calendar months.

The pilot must have in his or her possession a valid U.S. driver’s license, or a valid medical certificate accompanied by a photo identification and pilot certificate. Sport pilots must also carry a copy of the endorsements issued from their logbook indicating they are qualified for the powered parachute category/class for the aircraft they are flying. The wing shape (rectangular or elliptical) and the landing system (land or sea) will be specified in this endorsement.

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